BUBO Listing is the fun way to record, share and compare your bird lists for any location worldwide using the most accurate checklists available.

Just choose the location you want to keep a list for and enter a record whenever you get a tick! Enjoy some friendly competition by keeping a year list for your local patch, get your friends to do so as well, and compare how everyone is doing with a BUBO league table!

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It is important to remember that any content added to BUBO Listing or Pan-species Listing by a user will be visible to any other user (except for details of sensitive records). Therefore, users have a responsibility to make sure that any content they publish is reasonable and good-natured. In particular, language and content must be suitable for all ages: some listers are under 16.

It is an integral part of listing (and human nature!) that not every record on every list will be believed by everyone else. It is not the place of the administrators to take an opinion on other people's records. Moreover, this is not a forum for people to cast aspersions on other users or on their records and we will remove such comments should we become aware of them. If listers wish to raise doubts about the validity of individual records, this should be pursued via another forum.

Any content that we become aware of that we deem unsuitable will be removed. Repeated transgressions may result in the lister being banned from further participation in BUBO Listing and Pan-species Listing. If you become aware of any content that you consider unsuitable and think should be removed, please contact us immediately and we will look at it as soon as we possibly can.

In order to register with either BUBO Listing or Pan-species Listing you are required to submit various personal details including your email address. We will not divulge your email address to other listers, nor will it be made available to a third party, without your permission. Registering under a pseudonym is not allowed as it is against the spirit of openness: you must therefore use your real name. The only exception to this is for 'group' accounts, where multiple listers contribute to the same list, which must be given an appropriately descriptive name. You may amend your details at any time by clicking on your name or email at the top right of the screen.

BUBO Listing and Pan-species Listing may use your details to provide you with a more personalised service, including occasional email correspondence.