Lanius minor

BUBO Listing currently supports more than 200 different authorities and countries. Keeping these up to date is a major task, particularly if the official authority themselves does not frequently publish updates to their lists. We would love some help from anyone with a particular interest and local knowledge in a country or region. For example, if you are aware of new species additions to a country or state we can allow you to add them immediately to the appropriate checklist in BUBO Listing, so there is no more waiting for us to get around to it ourselves!

In addition many official authorities don't keep up with taxonomic changes which are published regularly by the main authorities, e.g. IOC and eBird/Clements at world level. This is frustrating for listers when, for example, they visit a country where the latest 'official' list uses a taxonomy that differs from their preferred world list taxonomy. In these cases we will try to either offer an alternate taxonomy based on either IOC or Clements, or pre-empt taxonomic changes on the official authority.

If you wish to help out with making checklist changes for BUBO Listing, please Contact Us and tell us which countries or regions you would like to contribute to.